Get our Web Special today. After your very first class, ask yourself if these are workouts you'd like to stay with?

We feel this is important because the reason that most people, women and men, fall short in reaching their fitness goals is they fail to stay with it.

Priorities shift as monotony, boredom, and seeing little results from their fitness efforts sets in.

The Solution? How about quick, 30 minute self-paced classes? (These are the workouts proven to give you superior fat-loss results, says A.C.S.M. - The American College of Sports Medicine).

Add to this motivating and fun Trainers, endless workout variety, multiple class options, and IMPACT STRONG'S unique Class Format. Add a lot of great and encouraging people...this place is Special!

We give you lots of reasons to never quit on yourself. Because if you do, combined with smart eating habits, your body will see rapid changes. Your stress level will also drop, and your Confidence will soar!

We look forward to meeting you - you have a lot to look forward to at IMPACT STRONG!

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HIIT Fitness Workout

“ALL-OUT Challenge!” – Many people join for Kickboxing, others come for Group Fitness classes – they quickly fall in love with each others workouts. At IMPACT STRONG, you can combine both the IMPACT Kickboxing and HIIT Workout classes back-to-back, for an “ALL-OUT” 60 minute Challenge!

ATTN: This is not recommended for beginners. (We’ll get you ready for this one!)

“HIIT Workout” – Do you want a Lean, Tone and Strong body that leaves you looking and feeling great, and makes your clothes fit better? IMPACT STRONG has these classes for you daily - with Morning, Noon, Afternoon, Evening, and Weekend times!

Our 30 minute classes are self-paced, all shapes and sizes fit in.

Train with Kettle Bells, Impact Strikers, Battle Ropes, Body weight Exercises, Sandbags, PRIMAL7, and the best fitness practices – combined with the IMPACT STRONG’s unique 30 minute class format.

IMPACT Kickboxing

IMPACT Kickboxing – Strike, Kick, Hit, and Ground & Pound your way to amazing fat loss! Our unique aerobic and anaerobic interval workouts shred and burn body fat for up to 48 hours post-workout.

We build you a new body and confidence with our Kickboxing and Boxing drills and training. Combine these with some MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) moves – and you’re in for an AMAZING Workout! IMPACT Kickboxing is great for Fitness, Self Defense, Cardio Fitness and Muscle Toning. No other workout burns more fat, more calories, and builds and tones you as well.

IMPACT Kickboxing classes help you to tone muscle, burn fat and look great in the shortest time possible!!

At IMPACT STRONG we get you the fitness/fat-loss results you are after, in the least amount of time. And leave you feeling energized - upbeat - stronger!!

You will fit right in - almost everyone starts as a beginner. IMPACT Trainer‍‍‍s make your classes challenging and fun.

We are an effective alternative to the weights, treadmills, and aerobic classes of typical health clubs and gyms. In just 30 minutes, you are on your way to quickly getting your body LEAN, TONE, and STRONG!


(in just 30 minu‍‍‍tes!)


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